3 ways to have a goal mindset everyday

This week I started re-watching the anime One Piece on Netflix. This time I’m looking at it from a different lens, I’m more interested with the character’s traits, personalities, and confidence. The wonderful thing about TV is that everything is wrapped up fairly quickly, the plot can be predictable, the lessons can be powerful. Never giving on your dream is extremely consistent throughout One Piece; Luffy and his crew are constantly on a trajectory to growth because they remember their resolve, and desire to achieve their dreams. Okay that’s enough about One piece.

Being consistent at something is one of my biggest weaknesses and I’m not ashamed to recognize that, knowing prepares me to get better. When I’ve got a task to complete, like editing an episode for my podcast or writing on this blog; My mind starts giving negative suggestions, reasons to not show up and they usually sound pretty convincing.

Having a goal mindset everyday can be easily summed up to “showing up.” Showing up each and everyday even if you don’t want to. Only problem is how do you keep showing up? How do you push forward through negative suggestions, discomfort, patience with the process? Focusing on being more consistent has been making things less anxious and stressful for me, there are still times when I fail to show up but those moments are happening less and less. Here are three things I’ve been doing to keep having a goal mindset everyday.


Working out on a consistent basis will give you results overtime. A lot of us want to look or feel a certain way but aren’t willing to do the work to get there because it hurts, it’s hard, or there’s no immediate reward. An example, last night I wrote out six topics I want to write about on this blog and obviously this topic is one of them. Six topics for six days, today came the time to sit down and write the first one. I scheduled the post to publish at 7pm today, but I didn’t sit down to write until 6:30pm so I delayed the publish time to 8pm. What I’m trying to say is I did not want to do it, the thought of sitting down to write about 3 topics on a goal mindset gave me impostor syndrome. I listened to those negative suggestions for almost the entire day until finally I just walked into my home studio, sat down and told myself “Luffy always shows up.”


This is different for everyone; Some meditate, do yoga, walk, jog, workout, sleep. Currently I’m watching One Piece on my phone as I’m writing this post. Here’s what I know about that, currently it’s getting me fired up and feeling creative. The only thing my brain has to focus on is typing and listening to the story in the background. This is not the only thing I do, I also walk, workout, I took a long nap today, and sometimes I meditate. Maybe this should have been number one on the list because it often requires physical activity.


This is simple, think about driving on a long stretch of road. You look around and think “my golly it’s so gorgeous out here,” but your gas meter flashes, cause buddy your past self done forgot to fill the tank. Now you’re stuck, agitated, cussing at the wind maybe kicking your car, you try to call someone but oh wait your phone dies cause you didn’t charge it. Past Ibrahim helped me write this post without feeling down or agitated, because last night, he wrote out the topic and found the image for the post. All I had to today was sit down, and go “oh I’m writing about 3 things…goal mindset.. ok cool lets do it” If you can do something now even if it’s small to help you in the future with your goal, it’s probably smart to do it.

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